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A COVID Christmas 2021 (So close, but so far from normal)

In 2020 we celebrated Christmas mainly over zoom, or surrounded by our small immediate “pod” of family members. We made a promise that in 2021, with the help of multiple vaccines, we’d celebrate Christmas together. In person.

As summer turned to fall, even with the Delta variant

rearing its head, we thought we had things under control.

As the fall weather turned cooler, and the Omicron variant appeared right around Thanksgiving, things became less certain. And here we are again at Christmas with surging case numbers and a dark but familiar shadow again hovering over us this Christmas season.

For over 170 years Plymouth Congregational Church in Syracuse, NY has been a warm and welcoming home for all who seek to share their journey through life. A church with a rich history of multiple generations actively participating in the life of the church, Plymouth is a special place.

Despite all the challenges, a small but joyful crowd, joined by countless others online, gathered to celebrate. As much as anything they celebrated being together, and fulfilling the promise they had made last year.

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